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I have found the courage to complete a story I started sometime ago…..

Earnest’s mother came around to look for me. I was always not there because of school. I packed my warm blue blanket, some few utensils and something she could prepare for Earnest’s meal. I then left the parcel with our faithful mama mboga, “give these to my sister when she comes”. She was indeed a sister, we had grown so accustomed to each other. Earnest too, had gotten used to my singing, which announced my arrival.

I checked that evening, she did not come for it. I did not lose heart, I kept checking for the entire week. Finally she picked the parcel a week later.

Then she went missing. She did not have a phone so I could not contact her. I wondered for months how they were doing.

Two months later, she came to visit me on a Sunday. I could not hold my joy when I saw them. They were doing well, despite a one month period of hospitalization. They had just been released from hospital that week. Earnest had developed complications and had to be admitted. Thanks to Blue House MSF, they cleared the hospital bill.

As I was escorting them that evening, the baby whom I had grown fond of pointed a recognizing finger at me, while looking at his mom. Oh! he had grown so much that he recognized me.

That was the last time I saw them together. One month later, I received a phone call from Earnest’s mother. “We have lost Earnest he died in the house”.

All the smiles, all the stares and sometimes the cries. Especially the weird goodbye that he gave me- pointing at me- they all rushed back to remind me of another hero gone too soon.


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