Dear Paullette

You asked me the other day how I manage to be bubbly, full of life and always happy. You wanted to know the secret to such a fulfilled life when I am different from others. You said that your kind doesn’t have friends. Oftentimes, you feel alone in the midst of many.

Well, I’ll tell you the truth. I sometimes feel out of place. I am not that confident, sometimes I feel too self-conscious. What I do during those moments is I try to look like I am happy. Sometimes the cares of this life overwhelm me, and I feel none can understand me. Ever heard of fake it till you make it? It really works, you should try it.

Smile when you feel like frowning,
Laugh Out Loud when you feel like crying,
Read or watch something funny if you must,
Just to get that laugh, smile or grin,
You will feel much better, more confident.

It helps to know that no one is perfect. Everyone suffers from those secret insecurities. You don’t notice them because they choose to ignore them. What you focus on, you magnify.

People do not ignore you. They may be too busy to even notice you. Cheer up and initiate the conversation.


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