Sneak Preview

Look out for  Scars that heal or Wounded to heal- A memoir by Juliet

My good friend and former lecturer, Dr. Larry Ndivo went through the book and suggested the title, “Scarred daughter of my mother.”

I might just change it to that. He also gave me good advise on having a more descriptive approach. I am rewriting it to suit a larger audience. Thanks Larry for the assistance. I appreciate it.

The opening poem is.


By: Juliet Jacqline

A smile from east to west,
Concealing the pain inside,
Too young, yet too old,
Experience! The best teacher

A life that’s painful at best,
Explains the pain inside,
A face seeming too old,
Betrayed by permanent wrinkles

Too soon without notice,
Perhaps it’d have her warned,
Of hurdles along the path,
The girl, daughter and mother

She has to smile her best,
Despite the screams inside,
To stay strong and sound,
For the one who calls her mother

Portrait of the African woman,
Has a lot to tell and hide,
If pictures speak a thousand words,


Then take a look at my mother


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