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I can’t get over those Dimples

In shedding off my inhibitions, I have written a love poem inspired by a man’s smile. I think I should do more of this. Tell me what you think. Is it a hit or a miss?


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A crevice into this heart, has been dug by those dimples,
Crevices that dig on your face with your smiles,
Why torture me with your smile so simple,
Gives me goose bumps as big as pimples,
Like a painting on canvas with different shades of purple,
The art, your smile remains in mind like a wrinkle.

Though I try as much, I can’t seem to wimple,
This feeling that has me acting like a cripple,
Neither can I disguise it with a simple wimple,
While walking in front of you I sometimes topple,
Ah! Those crevices on your face cause ripples,
Ripples of emotions I can’t seem to bundle.

In my pretense I eat pieces of pineapple,
So I may appear normal to other people,
God knows I’ve tried all including apples,
The phrase ‘apple of my eye’ still triples,
Toward you, maybe  we were meant to be a couple,
Those crevices, fixed in my mind with staples,
Are no longer just simple dimples.

Juliet Awuor ©2016


My Pen, my dear friend

Illustration from: http://4vector.com/free-vector/pen-clip-art-113570
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My pen keeps me sane,
The tool I can’t forsake,
Ideas attack when I know not,
So dear friend has to stay by my side.

My pen my closest friend,
Lest ideas disappear,
As fast as they appeared,
Leaving me forlorn and dejected.

My pen my weapon of war,
In this society full of ills,
No need to shed blood with knives,
When penning down cuts deeper ills.

My pen the ultimate transport,
To lands far and wide,
Places perhaps never trodden,
Come journey with me,
Explore what lies behind the pages.

Juliet H. Amor