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Touching base: We stay.

Hello Friends,


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I know it’s been a while since I wrote here. Thank you all loyal readers who have been visiting.

I didn’t stop writing. As a writer, that is kind of impossible. You just have to let words out no matter how silent you are. I wrote  poems to go with my emotions, of love, gratitude, sadness, happiness. I just  did not post them here. Why?

Writing is art. Picture a painter in his studio, doing his thing. You go and accidentally set eyes on this breathtaking piece of work. You applaud, maybe by commenting, “This is a masterpiece”.

The artist looks at you, obviously puzzled. “What do you mean? This is an unfinished painting. It’s terrible, cover it up.”

I would say that has been my story lately. Some writing I feel is not yet ready for the public. Sometimes just stepping from your computer to connect with real people also helps. I have done a lot of that too.

I commented to a friend that this was my safe space, where I get to be me. He smiled and said that the oxymoron was that my safe space was very public.

So this question keeps rearing its head. How much is too much information. I was also pondering on that during my break. I finally answered myself that if I don’t tell my stories, someone else will. They will be under no obligation to be as accurate as I would love them to  be.

I also started a new blog. You might want  to check it out. This is one of the reasons for my break. I was even contemplating pulling down this blog, so that I concentrate on the new child.

But then again, parents don’t neglect their firstborns just because they have birthed a second born. Do they? Incidentally, some people like this first born better. I love all my children equally.

What would I do without julieinspire? Sometimes I just want to be that little girl, that crazy woman and so on.  Writing is therapeutic you know. So julieinspire stays.