Beat me to death and beat me to die

super-glue and broken heart copy

You beat me up, as if I was down,
Slapped sense into my mind,
Disregarded your seed I had inside,
A stomach so ripe with child,
You had to prove your worth,

To slap some sense into my mind,
You beat me to death,
Tearing my heart to pieces,
Slowly I picked up scraps of my heart,
Glued them back together as good as new,
The glue called grace did wonders,

This plastic smile a constant practice,
No one could tell my once,
Shattered heart was made, whole,
By the glue of grace,
so perfect in place,

You beat me to death in your thought,
Attended my burial yet,
Refused to bury your flesh and blood,
Thought you beat me to death,
Yet you beat me to dying,

You beat me to death, and beat me to dying,
Even in your death, you still beat my mind,
Are you worth the pain?
Who will slap some sense,
Into my mind?

Juliet Awuor © 2016

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