Thank you my dear ‘Almost’ valentine


Thank you for reminding me of my musical side. I even had a dream that you were teaching me the guitar. How we would be the perfect match, you know, the type that’s only read in mills and boon? I had to jolt myself awake from that stupid dream, you know. Thank you!

Thank you for making me dream of the possibility of a relationship with a guy I could have intelligent conversations with. Sing along to his guitar skills on our dates at the park. Maybe read a book together. Side by side, me and you, the perfect couple.

Thank you for making me draw near to God. I thought God must be really merciful. He sent a brother my way, despite my silence toward Him.  And to crown it, he sent a worshiper, a man after His own heart. Who is part of the worship team in church. A man of God!

Thank you for your proposal that clearly, should have left me melting like Ooh! Someone finally asked me to marry them. I am sorry if my response sounded harsh, but it was sincere. WhatsApp proposals are not just my thing.

Thank you for finally gathering courage and meeting me. For the hug, for that short ride in your car. For opening your car like a gentleman and dropping me on the bus stop. I must say you looked sharp in that black suit and red tie.  Prospects to whet a girl’s appetite. Thank you.

Thank you because I now know you are a family man. I remembered congratulating you on your wedding photos, and in person. But then again, many things could have happened after all these years. I was waiting for your explanation. It just didn’t come from you, but thank you, now I know better.

Thank you for the good mornings and good night chats. I must say they boosted my self esteem. You know ‘being alone‘ as your proposal said, sometimes is a curse that single ladies need to be rescued from. Thank you for your efforts.

Thank you, but the messages have to stop. Direct them to the right person. Your wife will really appreciate some goodnight kisses and good morning dear messages on her phone, don’t you think?  I feel complete as a single lady in waiting. But sincerely,  I thank you.

Thank you because I know we will still be good friends, just like old times. Do you remember? We were barely in our 20s, and treated each other with respect. Old friends are good to keep, you know. Thank you for remembering this old friend.

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2 thoughts on “Thank you my dear ‘Almost’ valentine”

  1. I had to google what Mills & Boon means. Now I know. Or at least I have an idea. Thanks for the piece. Too bad that at times a man loves a lady but doesn’t gather courage to tell her. And worse still sticking to that lady yet married to another!

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