Random date on a Nairobi roundabout

Black Couple

Cupid must be knocking her door, and violently. Just in one week, she has gotten three guys no, make that six, text her, whatsapp, even call her. All with suggestive messages. At this rate, she will  be going, going, gone by end of year.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Let’s take it slow, shall we? Good!

Moses stranger is one of the guys who have been calling, texting, you know? On Friday he called her and they agreed to meet the next day (Saturday) for an in-depth insight into one another’s world. The first time they met, they just exchanged phone numbers. A girl doesn’t have to be rude, you never know where your prospects for a good relationship might be. She handed him her card because she was also getting late for work.

Now, she just wanted to play the nice girl she has always been. So she leaves her house to go meet the gentle man. At least he is gentle because he waits for her at a petrol station, standing all through while she is late.

She walks past him, having a feint recollection of his appearance since they only had a short encounter before. She looks back to see a slight man smiling at her. It’s 4 pm, an hour late, and she smiles apologetically. Who can get mad at that smile? Only a fool would.

They walk through the petrol station park, look for a spot to sit. It’s full. They cross the road to the roundabout. By this time the guy is telling her how they have not been paid at work, but the important thing was to see her. “Have you been paid”, he asks her.

Really? she thinks to herself. You called this date, do you expect me to foot the bill? She thinks again and smiles.

They get to the roundabout and look around. It looks like the sewer burst and dried on the grass. People are sitting willing off the time, others are sleeping.

He suddenly gets an idea. “Let’s go get something to drink”, he says. They walk back to the fruit vendors who are too eager to make a sale. She chooses to sit where there are no people so they may talk. “I’m glad you came, I almost thought you stood me up”, he says placing a hand on her knee.

“I told  you I was coming didn’t I? Had to keep my word”, she says removing his hand from her knee. The stall owner, a fat lady doesn’t look amused. She comes to take the seats without talking to them. They take the cue and move to  the other stalls, where he buys fruit juice and  they walk back to the roundabout.

They look for a spot to sit in. “The grass seems to be dusty”, he says. “You didn’t carry a lesso for us to sit on?” he asks her.

Rolls her eyes, “I don’t walk with lessos”, she replies. And I didn’t expect to come sit in a dusty roundabout. She thinks to herself. They get a spot to sit, and he goes first. “Sit here”, he motions in front of him, between his legs.

“Nope, I am good here”, she says and sits beside him. “OK! Drink up”, he tells her, motioning to the juice. “This Juice is tasteless, maybe because of being exposed to the sunlight all day”, she says. “Just drink it to fill up your stomach with water”, he tells her as he downs his bit.

“So, do you have a child”, he asks her. “No, no children yet”, she answers. “God will give you a very cute baby”, he tells her. “Thank you. How do you know?” she asks. “Because I will be the father to your baby”, he answers her. Don’t flatter yourself. She thinks.

“You told me you don’t have a baby and you’re single, why don’t you ask about me?”, he enquirers of her. “Oh, tell me about yourself”, she feigns interest.

“Well, I have a wife and two children, but I just liked you at first sight”, he says. Silence. “Not that I usually like women randomly, it’s just that my blood was attracted by you”, he explains. Silence. “Why are you quiet? I feel you are mad at me. At least I told you the truth, other people lie to get into a relationship”, he continues.

“First, there’s no relationship you are referring to. This cannot happen”, she answers. “What made you marry your wife?” she asks him. “I will not tell you today, maybe later”, he says. “OK! Whatever it is, just go, remember it and stay with your wife”, she tells him.

“How old  are your children?” she asks. “Six years and nine months”, he answers. “How long have you been married?” she asks. “Seven years”, he answers. “Wow! I’d rather stay single for the rest of my life than take another woman’s husband. I don’t do married men!” she exclaims.

“Escort me to the bus stop, I think my work here is done”, she tells him, getting up to go. She leaves her half full glass of tasteless fruit juice propped on the grass. He follows her. “Next weekend I shall take you to Ngong Hills for an outing”, he tells her. “Make sure you invite your wife”, she answers.

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