Some relationships aren’t worth your time



This life has taught me to be humble enough to accept my wrongs. It has also taught me how valuable I am. Truth is people will place as much value on you as much as you place on yourself.

Girl, you don’t have to beg to be loved, you are so damn beautiful for that. Take a look at the mirror. The girl staring back has some value. The amount of value is to be determined by that girl. Ooh! It frustrates me to have to squeeze information out of someone who calls me their ‘sweet wife’, ‘baby’, ‘darling’ and other sweet nothings during the chatty moments. If someone feels so sweet that they can’t spare some communication time, then it’s time to smell the coffee and stop wasting your life on them.

It seems some men just think of themselves as a gift from above to the womenfolk. As if being called a wife will solve all of your problems. No seriously, it’s as though that trophy written Mrs. So and so, would suddenly elevate you to a new level.

People in relationships disagree all the time. They also communicate and sort their issues out. What if someone decides to go silent when you’ve hardly had any disagreement? Even the most introverted of people communicate. And this should be even more if they are in love. I am the most terrible introvert that I’ve ever met, yet I try. They are just not that into you, the earlier you realize it and move on, the better. Not much collateral damage!

I don’t get this issue of someone snubbing all your conversations only to contact you when they think it suits them. Only when they need to make a booty call, that’s when you feature in their mind. Responding to them then, only feeds their dysfunction. It’s time to stop playing the wimp and Girl, run! He is a heart break waiting to happen.

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