Yesterday’s gone, surely tomorrow will be better

Still A Mum 15th

I hate to admit weakness. What was I thinking! Yesterday I had another meltdown with all those tweets I was sending under the hashtag #StillAMum. I tried to hold myself, I promise I tried.

Yesterday October 15 was the launch of the Still A Mum project, started by a fellow blogger, Wanjiru Kihusa after going through two miscarriages. At least she was brave enough to form something out of her pain.

Listening to all those women share their stories of how they lost pregnancy after pregnancy, and how the society sometimes expects them to accept and move on. Maryanne Waweru, the moderator put it well, she mentioned some of the common comments that people ignorantly tell mothers who have just lost a baby, “You know, this is the will of God, you are still young, you’ll have more babies, this baby was not yours, thank God now you can pursue your education, get married properly and have children the right way”. Sometimes you don’t have to say anything, just being there for the person is enough.

There was doctor Jane Wakahe, a gynecologist who shed light on the different possible causes of miscarriages.”The main causes of miscarriages include genetic malfunctions, issues with the cervix and infections such as Malaria”. She encouraged couples who have gone through loss to seek counselling.

The thing that drove the nail deep on the “festering wound” was the short video, “More than ready”. I could not hold it, I had to leave the room and shed some tears after watching this video.

More than ready – Still a Mum from Chatterbox Stories on Vimeo.

I know I have never had a miscarriage, but I could identify with the women in the room. Most of them had gone through not one, not two but several miscarriages.

Yeah, I know it is long since I lost my child. I was lucky to have stayed with him for five months. The pain is still the same. I thought I had healed after all these years. Maybe all I needed was to remind myself that I am #StillAMum

Joy comes

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