Left shakers

Credit: zazzle.com
Credit: zazzle.com

I am silently contemplating,
Why some take offense,
When I stretch a left hand,
T’is disrespect you know,
Momma should’a taught you that.

Forgive my poor manners,
Don’t judge me on first impression,
Wish I could stretch a right,
I’m done beatin’ my self up,
For a fault I can change not.

There is a story behind the story,
Of triumph over tragedy,
Oh yes, she taught me manners,
But life happened to trash all that,
Yet I remained, to shake your hand.

I’ve learnt to joke about my shake,
Called it the scouts bravery shake,
Many joke along accepting my shake,
Many have rejected my crooked shake,
Why the left and not the right?

I notice little about those moments,
Till someone else raises a voice bout it,
So here’s to fellow left shakers,
Life’s got more to give than the norm.

Juliet Awuor ©2015


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