Where is your tooth?

Kids are just hilarious. They ask you questions about everything. They are honest at their inquiries and this just cracks my ribs.

So yesterday Purity, a three year old girl asked my friend a question about my hand. “Mama Delvin, huyu ameumia mkono?”- “Mama Delvin, has this lady hurt her hand?” Of course Mama Delvin had to confirm to her that I hurt my hand.Then she asked Purity, “will you pray for her?” Purity said she doesn’t know me, so she cannot pray for me.

I have often left many kids wondering why I don’t straighten my hand. Zadock, another three year old boy usually comes to me and asks me to open my fingers. “What are you holding?” he asks. There must be something that I normally hold in my right hand, according to his three year old mind.

Now this is a good one, one child asked me, “Meno yako iko wapi?”- “Where is your tooth?” I have not been asked this question by one or two children. Many kids cannot figure out why I have a gap between my teeth. The beauty with kids is they tell you what they are thinking.

To be truthful, even my dad thought I had a large gap between my teeth and tried to assist in closing it up. Being a dentist, he had just the right resources. When I was 7, having lost two of my milk teeth, I remember he brought home some small elastic bands for me to place on my two remaining frontal teeth so as to reduce the gap. A painful exercise that never yielded much. I still don’t understand why I didn’t get braces. Anyway, not that I am bothered by the gap. In fact most people say it is a symbol of African beauty.

If only our minds would function like kids, then we would ask questions that would encourage creativity. That is why I love hanging around those young friends. They teach you lessons that school wouldn’t.


One thought on “Where is your tooth?”

  1. I also love the frankness and honesty of children. No wonder the Kingdom of God is for those who are like the children

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