Hair, lipstick and funny sisters.

Jas & I
I have a cheeky sister with a way of making me laugh at her witty jokes while keeping a straight face. I have learnt the hard way to avoid sitting next to her when we are at serious events- church included.

She’s gotten me in trouble a couple of times for laughing where people are seriously concentrating on a speaker. She is the type that whispers some funny comment in your ear then leaves you dying of laughter.Or better yet, pass a note with a joke and keeps on concentrating. The moment you pick the small notes, you cannot concentrate on the meeting because you will be laughing as if you’re high on some cheap stuff.

She then joins the other people looking as surprised as everyone else, waiting for you to share the joke. “Ehe! What’s funny?”, she asks.

This past Saturday, we attended a wedding. I did the mistake of showing up in my almost two week old cornrows. These were my emergency measure to avoid going to work with unkempt hair. I persuaded my friend Judy, to just do the cornrows for me because she was tired. When the cornrows were done, Judy decided to add extensions to them.

They looked stylish at least from the eye of this beholder. I fell in love with my new hairstyle that reminded me of my high school days. Since my hairdresser was still tired, I had to go with my ‘stylish’ hairdo to the wedding. I tried doing a headscarf, but on looking myself at the mirror, I took it off. Isn’t India Arie one of my favorite musicians? “I am not my hair”, was playing on the back of my mind while I left the house.

Now, it’s not the showing up at the wedding with my hairdo that was the problem. It was that I had the audacity to ask my sister for lipstick. She looked at my hair and simply told me that I was better off applying Vaseline on my lips, “That hair is not for lipstick, try Vaseline”, she said.

My self esteem has not been interfered with at all by the comment. That’s why I laughed at her comment as one of her jokes. Even my asking for the lipstick was on a light touch because I expected a hilarious answer. As usual, she stayed composed as I laughed.


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