Hormone replacement

Photo Credit: everydayfeminism.com
Photo Credit: everydayfeminism.com

I am multitasking, shifting between doing a term paper and  many other things including Facebook. A chat notification, it’s my friend Eugene. “Oh um i got something that’s been bothering me some time. I’d like ur opinion.”

I pay attention knowing very well that this might be another surprise. The last time Eugene told me something was bothering him, he revealed his struggle with his sexuality. “Out with it, what’s that?” I type.

“Woah! Thought you wouldn’t reply .OK it’s something I’ve been feeling for a very long time kay… To cut the Long story short into a header, I wanna get on hormone therapy but i don’t know who to talk to openly.”

“I’m bringing you the book i promised.” I type. “Hormones are good if they are your natural ones. Artificial could get you in trouble. Breast cancer and stuff.”

“Cool.. Miss reading. Specially now, kinda sickish… And I’ve checked the entire spectrum of hormones n their reactions. I feel imbalanced inside and I’ve thought about going to see a doc but how do you start? “hey so my hormones feel out of place ” and they wouldn’t understand. Anyway I just needed ur advice on what u think I should do regarding the pills,should I take or find some other way to create the balance?”

“First of all, you are too young to start thinking about hormone replacement. Do you know it is usually done to menopausal women and senile men. How do you know you are imbalanced? confused emoticon”

I do what any clueless person nowadays does. Type dangers of hormone replacement on google. I copy part of the article and send it to him.

What are the risks of hormone therapy? In the largest clinical trial to date, a combination estrogen-progestin pill (Prempro) increased the risk of certain serious conditions, including: Heart disease, Stroke, Blood clots, Breast cancer……

The risks of hormone therapy may vary depending on whether estrogen is given alone or with a progestin, and depending on your current age and age at menopause, the dose and type of estrogen, and other health risks such as your risks of heart and blood vessel (cardiovascular) disease, cancer risks and family medical history. All of these risks should be considered in deciding whether hormone therapy might be an option for you.

“Haha! too young? That’s an under statement. well through self diagnosis and it didn’t just start yesterday. Its been off/on for months. Either way I have to make a decision soon, it’s taking its toll on me. Might be also why I feel sick right now. So you know any other ways I can balance? The pills r a last resort.”

“Oh thanks.. I’ve read everything even asked a med student ‘friend’ bout what brands might be okay for me. Just needed an outside opinion. Oh! n’ I’ve tried eating healthy, exercises, engaging in versatile activities to see if they can boost the hormones to balance naturally.”

“You need to see a real doctor, not a med school student. I can recommend a doctor.”

“Who is okay with me being ‘gay’ then fine coz he/she might understand what’s going on for me. Oh n the med student is an established doc/surgeon, I don’t know 4 sure. She deals with microbiology, smthng smthng transplants and evolutionary development. That’s why I took her advice with caution and not taking everything. So about that doc you can recommend?

“I’ll give you the number. Meanwhile try eating  lots of nuts (Peanuts, cashew nuts, coconut), beetroot, cabbage, carrots, corn, beans, garlic, parsley, peas, potatoes, pumpkins, soy products, split peas, squash, yams, zucchini.”

“Love coconuts n zucchini.”

Days later….. Still on chat.

“How are you Julllie, oh btw I started hormone therapy. I’ve not felt so okay in a loong time.”

“Did you get help from the doc whose number I gave you?”

“Noo! I didn’t call her sorry. I was dialing her number yesterday and well, I couldn’t do it. Guess i just didn’t really find enough strength to… How to start explaining ur gay, u feel like a woman in a man’s body, have I prayed for this thing to go away?….list is endless. I cant deal with that right now. Am really grateful you tried to help me out. If anything comes up, I know she’z on the back burner.”

Eugene went into a chemist and ordered birth control pills, without prescription. I feel a little ticked off at him not taking my advise. But then again it’s not my duty to influence his choices. He has a mind and a free will. What angers me is the casual way in which  the chemist sold him the pills.

“I asked for the pill as if I had been sent by someone. The chemist was a lady. She just told me that my girlfriend probably needs them for her hormones.”

I’m trying to understand this young man. I’m trying to help, sometimes he gets on my nerves. Doesn’t he care for his health? How would you react?


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