Karibu Kenya President Obama and please make it a habit.

Image credit: http://www.kuzabiashara.co.ke/blog
Image credit: http://www.kuzabiashara.co.ke/blog

Dear Mr. President,

As a Kenyan, it would be rude of me to just start talking to you without expressing my respect. Salutations to you are in order. Hospitality is in the heart of the Kenyan spirit, so welcome to our beautiful land once again.

Lives will be at standstill in Nairobi- roads blocked, poor phone network coverage, some of us will have to trek distances because no matatus will be allowed in town. All these are little sacrifices compared to having such a powerful leader visit us. Do you know that in Kenya we treasure you so much that the day you won the 2008 elections, a public holiday was announced in Kenya? You are a true son of the soil and your victory was ours too.

This is a huge deal bearing in mind that it is the first visit you have made to Kenya as president of the United States of America. At least your visit will bring back our smiles and pride after your snubbing Kenya in your previous tours around Africa.

Nairobi has been transformed in such a way that if you make your visits a habit, as someone said that Vision 2030 would be reached faster.

Efforts have been put in place to clean up Nairobi and plant flowers along the roads that you might pass through. Nairobi drainage systems have been unclogged. I’m telling you; those drainages made us almost sleep on the road during the rains in April- Nairobi decided to flood, but that’s an inside story that should not be shared with guests. Oops! I just did, my mouth is sealed.

The NYS has been arresting chokoraas– homeless people from the city, so that they don’t mess the beauty of our city under the sun. I’ve heard that they are being taken to a temporary rehab center. I hope a lasting solution to the problem of homelessness will be found instead of chasing them around town just for housekeeping sake.

Even grass was planted yesterday; we are just hoping that they will grow in three days before your arrival for the GES2015. We do not want any embarrassments when hosting you. If you don’t believe me, follow the conversations about #KideroGrass on Twitter.

This letter would be unjust if it did not mention the plans that Siaya County has for your visit. They have set up a Sh. 52 million budget for your visit. Will you manage visit Mama Sarah in Kogelo?

I could go on and on but by now, I know you understand the importance of your coming to Kenya. So karibu sana Obama wuod Kogelo– the son of Kogelo.

Yours truly,
Excited Kenyan


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