We Made it! Hooray!

Graduation Photo

My search for academic excellence reached a new peak two weeks ago. I finally graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Daystar University, on June 27, 2015.

Those that know me would attest to the fact that this has been a true milestone. I joined Daystar by faith- this is nothing spiritual. It just means that I joined without money. Now if you know Daystar well, you would know that the quality you get is equaled by the money you have to pay. How else would it be the “home of the stars”?

Anyway, let me take you down memory lane to put things in context. On my diploma graduation day in 2011, I sat on the front row listening to the eloquence of PLO Lumumba’s speech. The scorching sun burning with a vengeance at our bare heads. (Diploma students do not wear graduation caps.) My brain did its rounds as I started fantasizing about the day I would graduate with my degree, my wedding day and many other days.

Fast forward to July 27, 2015, I sat next to Susan Akinyi, the same girl I sat next to four years ago. I now call her my graduation mate.

The guest of honor was Hon. William Ruto, the Deputy President of Kenya. This time I was given a creativity award for Nairobi campus, something that came as a huge surprise. I shook the guest of honor’s hand as I received the award. My dad was the proudest man that day. He even looked for me in the graduation pews to tell me how I had made them proud.

This time I had some money, so I put up a small graduation party and sent invites to my friends. Back at the graduation square, we were left by the bus that was to carry us from Athi River back to Nairobi. Catching up got the best of us- oh! I mean my dad. He was catching up with his old friends. An old classmate here, a relative there. It was literally their day.

Just as I was just about to complain, about the heels that looked good in the morning but were now hurting my feet, my father spotted a relative. His son was among the graduates. We enjoyed a lift from our relatives to the house. Talk of a VIP escort!

We arrived the party venue on time at 4 p.m. Most of my invited friends didn’t make it, but they celebrated with me on social media. A few friends made it to the party and we had the time of our lives. We experienced a blackout just before we cut the cake, “but our taste buds did not go”, as my friend Evans said. I just switched on the torch from my Techno Y4 phone. That did the trick.
Facebook Evans' comment

Thanks to all my friends who celebrated with me on this day. Above all, I want to thank my friend Elaine Wilson for supporting me through my education. Daystar University scholarship, what would happen to students like us if you did not have the scholarship program? Thank you Jennifer from finance office for your considerations. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Here are some comments from my friends.

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