Moving houses

March 1, I finally moved my things from a house I loved. A house I had grown used to. My safe haven. Some things just have to happen to allow for promotion.

After long deliberations, I had to take this bold step of taking my stuff to a friend’s house and moving in with another friend. Yes, it hurt just thinking of the possibility of a close friend getting tired of me because I am on their space. (I dread confrontations, so my preference is staying as far as possible and spend just the short socializing time with my friends.)

I asked myself tough questions and found that my fear was coupled with an element of selfishness and pride. There are sometimes when allowing yourself to be seen as weak is not wrong. My friend had offered to host me for the few months remaining till I graduate. By last week of February, my mind was made up. I was ready to take the risk and appreciate the gift of friendship.

I bundled up my things into a pickup. After a whole day of dealing with a not so happy house agent. (By not so happy I mean screaming on the phone, hurling words I’d rather not repeat. Probably this was a way of letting go of his frustration because I had been a good tenant for one and a half year). Anyway, I like looking at the half full glass.

I took my belongings to my friend Josephine’s house and was too tired at the end of the day. Packing for three nights had finally taken it’s toll on me. I had to spend the night.

Monday, I was on auto pilot at school, snoozing from time to time. Oh, I now remember why I don’t have the Swahili notes on German’s contribution to the spread of Swahili in Tanzania. (Snooze button in class).

In the evening, I went home by train one last time (at least for now). I had to go pick my remaining things from my good neighbor’s house. A taxi was the best option to take me to Judy’s house.

My friend Evans said I would forget I had his number the minute I left the place. I therefore have tried to prove him wrong by keeping in touch. It’s now been two weeks at Judy’s place, and it’s been a good adjustment process. I felt peace while making this decision and I know promotion is on it’s way.

Moral of story: We all need friends to let us see our weaknesses, our strengths and be there for us. Appreciate the gift of friendship today. Appreciate the friend who sticks closer than a brother and trust Him with hard decisions in your life.

Reach out and grab the hand that’s stretched to pull you up.
Borrowed from×196.jpg

Proverbs 27:17 As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.


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