I edit before writing

Hey guys!!!! (Wide Smile). I am back after a long long long….. (you get it already) silence. The thing is life has been a blur lately. Too many things happening at the same time. I sometimes think that all this will pass without documenting it. Well, it is fear to be more precise.

So to avert part of that fear becoming true, I have decided to crawl back into my……(thinking of a better word for it) diary.

Over the past few weeks, I have taken part in Creatives Academy, this time as an intern. I have had opportunities to meet writers I would never have met elsewhere. Say Oyunga Pala or Jackson Biko who today have been part of a panel discussing careers in writing.

I also met Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor during one of the sessions. I thought it would be interesting to highlight that, since she is one writer I admire. By the way, her book Dust is amazing and a must read for all Kenyans.

Did I mention that I met Julie Gichuru on the opening day of Creatives Academy? (Now you know) What better way to start off 2 than with Julie Gichuru as our facilitator?

The point is even after going through Creatives Academy twice, I am still so uptight on my writing. The words I write have to be right. I edit so much it gets on my way of writing. Something that no amount of Creatives Academy attendance can cure. (This is not an excuse to get away with typos) I am my greatest critique.

Sometimes you just have to pour your heart out on paper or the screen (as I am doing now) and let those words rest. You can come back to them later to adjust them. Just get the story out first. An idea which has resonated with most of the writers at .

The thing with doing twice is you meet authors who know you. They hold you accountable. John Sibi-Okumu asked what I had published so far.

So in regards to editing before writing, I am guilty as charged.


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