Sanitizing reality for unseasoned minds

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Mama, where do babies come from?
Babies come from birds;
You have to feed the birds,
So they would stay longer,
And visit often to bring a baby.

Papa, how did we get a new sister?
Simple, when I went to get your ma,
She was at the baby market,
She had gone to choose the best,
So a befitting sister we bought.

Teacher, why do I squat as I pee,
Yet he stands when he does?
Because you are different,
I don’t want to be different,
Ask your ma and pa, you’ll know.

Sister, what are pads used for?
They are diapers for adults,
Why do adults need diapers?
You are still young to understand,
When will I understand? I need answers.

Grandma, why do girls’ bellies grow?
Because  they stand with boys,
And play with boys. Avoid boys,
A boy told me he loved me,
Am I pregnant? Will my belly grow?

I am confused by everyone,
The more I ask, the more I sink,
Adults tell me different nothings,
About realities of life, tangling the tale,
Sanitizing reality for my unseasoned mind.

Juliet H. Amor


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