Even animals protect their young

Rabbit hiding her young ones

Video of young girl covered by Citizen TV

It really is a beautiful thing to find love. Everyone yearns to find love; even I do yearn to find this rosy thing called love. Not the usual kind of love you get daily where everyone tells you they love you, I guess by now you know what I mean. I’m talking about the love that makes people act like a bunch of headless chicken- Not everyone is the keyword here.

It is OK when you are all alone- single without a child. You can survive the heartache of breakup or cheating without much collateral damage. The problem comes when someone is a single parent.

Single parents are people with blood running in their veins. They also have feelings and need to be loved. This is to show my empathy for every single parent. It is not an easy task raising your child on your own. There are very great people in our society raised by single parents- Kudos to all single parents out there. Yes! I am stressing PARENTS here because there are also some few single dads.

Why am I even rumbling? Let me get to the point.

Looking for love is a valid dream, but it should not come at the expense of your child. I was saddened by the report of 15 year old girl who was defiled by her mother’s lover three years ago, breaking her hip bone. What did the mother do? She burned the medical documents and all the evidence. They then eloped with her lover, leaving the eleven year old girl immobilized.

The footage of the paralyzed girl walking with wooden crutches on the rough terrain of their village in Mwingi was moving. It is encouraging that the media stepped in to highlight the plight of this girl, who had her dreams of pursuing her education, were cut short at class three. The next day a follow up story of the girl taken to hospital- Some leaders came forward to take the case. She now has a future, because she was promised on national TV, to be educated through a foundation. (I am deliberately not mentioning names of politicians here, because this is about the girl).

How many children would have to suffer in the hands of their parents’ lovers? Yesterday I read a post by Tyler Perry that the child you have today may one day deliver you. Be careful how you treat your child, you never know who you are raising. It might be the next president.

If you forget everything on this post, please do not forget this. It is not the child’s fault that they were born into a single parented family and they did not apply to be born. They have their rights though, to an education, provision and protection. Even rabbits hide their young in a hole on the ground to protect them from predators. We should learn from them.


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